Wood Restoration

Wood Restoration

wood_4REMCO has been a staple of New York City since 1932, restoring and preserving many of the world’s finest historic properties such as Grand Central Terminal, Citicorp Tower, One New York Plaza, 1330 Avenue of the Americas, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and Newark City Hall.  These projects require a thorough understanding of the preservation procedure and an immense appreciation of the iconic historic structures.  REMCO’s craftsmen recognize that protecting and maintaining a structure of immense heritage significance is crucial in restoring the components.

REMCO’s teams are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of service.  Our experts will first assess the wood surface or structure to determine which method would best fit the client’s objective.  There are various conservation methods pertaining to historical landmarks including preservation, restoration and rejuvenation. 

Preservation seeks to conserve, protect and/or stabilize buildings, objects, landscapes and other artifacts of historic significance.  It also aims to stop deterioration so that the structure requires no more than routine maintenance.  This can be financially sensible, having eliminated the risk of future structure replacement or renovation.  The preservation process consists of stabilizing the existing structure while rejuvenating the materials and maintaining its historic value.

Restoration seeks to recover the original state of the historic structure while maintaining the historic value.  REMCO’s craftsmen work with precision and acute attention to detail to ensure the building does not lose its charm and uniqueness through the restoration process.

Rejuvenation is a conservation method that seeks to improve the façade and durability of a structure while safeguarding its historic value through minor procedures done over time.  Rejuvenation does not drastically alter a structure’s appearance.  Rather, expert craftsmen restore the surface through repair, alterations or additions.

REMCO takes pride in the numerous landmarks and historic structures we have restored over the 80 plus years of service.  A structure’s historic appeal and charm should not be compromised through such conservation, no matter which method is applied.  This is a philosophy REMCO has exhibited and will continue to exhibit through each project. 



  • Dedicated, experienced professionals with unmatched quality, efficiency and safety standards.
  • Cost-conscious advisement of the most efficient corrective methods.
  • Identify and select proper methodology of each structure and craftsmanship to restore, enhance and preserve the beauty and value of each structure.