Places of Worship

Places of Worship

REMCO’s years of service and experience have been a driving force in our craftsmen’s involvement in some of New York’s most well known places of worship such as the iconic St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  We are very proud to have had a hand in the Church’s $175 million restoration campaign, restoring the magnificent entranceway and each of the bronze doors of New York City’s most famous church, including the two main doors adorned with intricate Catholic imagery.

REMCO is the industry’s frontrunner in developing the most advanced and comprehensive methods of metal refinishing and restoration, so it is only fitting that REMCO was chosen to participate in the restoration of the Church’s beautiful cathedral doors.  Metal restoration is one of REMCO’s many core strengths, along with glass, stone, concrete and masonry, grout and wood.



  • Dedicated, experienced professionals with unmatched quality, efficiency and safety standards.
  • Cost-conscious advisement of the most efficient corrective methods.
  • Identify and select proper methodology of each structure and craftsmanship to restore, enhance and preserve the beauty and value of each structure.

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~James O'Hagan, Assistant Director of Property Operations, Hilton Hotel