Metal Services


Metal has been used in buildings for structural and/or decorative purposes, to provide not only aesthetic appeal, but also assure structural integrity with strength and durability.  Although metal may seem indestructible, it invariably deteriorates when left unattended and therefore requires maintenance for optimal appearance and functionality.


Put our metal skills to work for you:

For 80 plus years, REMCO’s expert craftsmen have demonstrated unparalleled skill and expertise in restoring, enhancing and preserving all types of metal surfaces such as mirror and satin finishes, oxidized, patina and non-directional finishes.  Application of the most advanced and custom treatment methods enables us to remove scratches and dents, eradicate damage caused by wear and tear, repair surfaces from vandalism and/or harmful paints and polish, as well as restore metallic coatings, sealants and finishes to their original sheen.

Years of experience and training have made our craftsmen experts in the application of proper methods to repair and maintain metal surfaces and deliver the quality of work our clients have come to expect.

REMCO provides the following metal services:

  • Graffiti and vandalism
  • Aluminum - restoration, refinishing and sealing
  • Stainless steel - refinishing , cleaning and restoration
  • Copper and copper alloys - refinishing and restoration
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals - refinishing and restoration

Metal Finishes - Aluminum Coatings:

Metal surfaces, such as aluminum, may seem indestructible due to its strength. However, the element inevitably deteriorates when left unattended and therefore requires maintenance for optimal functionality.  Aluminum is commonly used by contractors in buildings for structural and/or decorative purposes that provide strength and practicality while assuring structural durability.  REMCO’s craftsmen have perfected metal coating techniques that have proven to be successful in restoring surfaces and renewing structure appearance. This type of maintenance assures the safety of the building and re-establishes value.


  • Dedicated, experienced professionals with unmatched quality, efficiency and safety standards.
  • Cost-conscious advisement of the most efficient corrective methods.
  • Identify and select proper methodology of each structure and craftsmanship to restore, enhance and preserve the beauty and value of each structure.






What REMCO Clients are saying:

“When I first contracted REMCO to provide metal maintenance for a Landmarked building, I was concerned that I might not get value for the money since I had poor experiences with vendors in the past.  REMCO soon calmed my trepidation and went beyond my expectations to correct the missteps of the former vendors and brought this historic property back to its original luster and has continued to maintain it to meet my demanding expectations.”

~Robert Riggs, General Manager, L&L Holding Company, LLC