Exterior Stone Refinishing & Restoration

Exterior Stone Refinishing and Restoration


stone_2The addition of stone to a structure adds timeless beauty and captivates all those who frequent it.  An elegant material such as marble or granite is often used on building façades and entrances where it can be admired and appreciated.  Continued exposure to sun, wind, rain, and dirt in addition to the impact of environmental pollutants can reduce the overall appearance and intrinsic beauty of these surfaces.  This can result in unnecessary major repair expenses in the future.   As a result, maintenance and upkeep of the surface is imperative to preserve its shine.  REMCO has been the company of choice for such restoration and refinishing since 1932.

Our expert craftsmen apply the most reliable polishing procedures to restore classic beauty and appeal to stone, marble and granite surfaces.  REMCO’s trained team of craftsmen restore these exquisite surfaces to their original luster by employing surface protection techniques that not only enhance their beauty but extend the durability of the stone surface and prevent future replacement costs.


Turn to REMCO

  • Dedicated, experienced professionals with unmatched quality, efficiency and safety standards.
  • Cost-conscious advisement of the most efficient corrective methods.
  • Identify and select proper methodology of each structure and craftsmanship to restore, enhance and preserve the beauty and value of each structure.