Commercial Buildings

Commercial Buildings

Eighty plus years of delivering quality service has established REMCO as the Northeast region’s leading company in restoration, preservation and maintenance services.  As a forerunner in the industry with longstanding partnerships in the commercial real estate market, REMCO focuses on employing the most progressive restoration and maintenance methods for glass, metal, stone, concrete and masonry, grout and wood.

We provide the highest quality customer care and value in the industry with unparalleled skill and expertise. Our project management teams work closely with building owners, property managers, general contractors, and subcontractors, and take care not to disrupt the day-to-day work flow of the building’s occupants. Furthermore, our employees are extensively trained in following safety procedures relevant to the industry.

REMCO’s cost-conscious mindset, along with our commitment to superior quality and attentiveness provides our customers with the best immediate results and prevents unnecessary repair expenses in the future.  Our 80 plus years of service and experience has been a driving force in our craftsmen’s involvement in some of New York’s finest commercial properties.



  • Dedicated, experienced professionals with unmatched quality, efficiency and safety standards.
  • Cost-conscious advisement of the most efficient corrective methods.
  • Identify and select proper methodology of each structure and craftsmanship to restore, enhance and preserve the beauty and value of each structure.

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Commercial Buildings




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What REMCO Clients are saying:

“Your customer service and product are both superb.  I never hesitate to do business with you.”

~Sean Olmstead, Executive Assistant Manager, Intercontinental New York Barclay